Friday, November 04, 2005

A True Salesman

We're recruting for this,
yeah you're the perfect fit,
fit for selling....
Won't even know what hit you,
till it all goes grey.
It will all seem so easy,
but its the hardest way down.
Create my vision,
a product of invisibility,
hallowed out, emptied,
for me to fill...
Yeah I see it in your eyes,
doesn't this make you feel alive,
I need it....
For I've been dead too long
Someday you'll see, but never feel,
Because the soul has vanished,
just like those over time.
I've created the perfect plan,
to eliminate the foundation,
the foundation of your world.
fall to me, with open arms, I'll receive,
the most important thing,
you'll no longer know

Friday, October 14, 2005

What a pretty picture

I've been told to reach for the stars,
but little do we know they have
already burnt out.
Push and pull just to breathe,
just to get by.
How are we supposed to dream,
when we can barely sleep at night?
But yeah its just another day in the sun,
out in the crowd, bleeding all so red,
no one stops to see,
the green in their eyes,
keeps them in stride with the devils
that seem to shape you and I.
So yeah when was the last time you saw your shadow
your reflection? cause like my conscience it follows,
through blackened nights, through the haze,
I emerge knowing no matter how hard I try I can't escape myself.
The consequences have become too dire to ignore,
as wounds become serious (now) critical (now) fatal,
the scars won't heal.
Oh the end seems so far, so enchanting.
But it will never be a pretty picture, as you say
"we have no choice!!!"
So then lets just go on living,
if thats what you call it.
Its so easy for you to close your eyes,
turn your back, so easy, for this pen,
to bleed black.
Because whats in front of us,
is so blank, so square, so thin.
We were once natural, but now
oh so manufactured, one dimensional,
to fit in anywhere.

Not the daytime soap...

You know there's something wrong when,
you got everything you need and,
you still feel alone.
The only direction is down,
how easy it is to feel the bottom.
In my eyes, way back in the nerve and tissue.
something burns, thoughts of,
bright white, the cleansing of us all.
So sterile, enshrouded in simplicity,
darkness can only be followed by a guiding light,
can you see it? can you feel it?
The loss of soul, all memory.
We become dust and lack of marrow,
So who wants to stumble, to fall, to become meaningless when,
a thousand next lives won't change the only one that counts??!!

I lost myself, trying to find myself.

There is something I wish we could see,
something I wish we could feel,
but time and space seem to elude you and I.
We're all caught up in this race with
no end in sight...nothing but 1,000 footsteps
marching toward a burning horizon.
Filled with promises laced with averice,
we're led astray, led to fall, led to forget,
that even the worst pain is still feeling.
So let go tonight,
awake to the flourescent,
the masses, the unholy,
surrounding you.
Like fallen angels we're all stuck here,
prayin' for some place better,
cause right now all we know are the neon creatures,
that never sleep.
butane and cigarette exhaust,
A city full of runaways, "NEVER LOOK BACK"
tattooed across the face, just swayin' in the wind.
But with clipped wings and heavy hearts,
its hard to get up and out.
So lets go tonight,
awake to the sound,
the beating that lets you know
you're still alive.
We won' forget, no never forget,
how we came to find us here,
cause we all have our reasons for
losing ourselves.
For we have spent a 1,000 lifetimes in the shadows,
broken bottles and hearts litter the landscape,
of all these hearts and minds.
our time is now to ensure tomorrow,
it wont turn its back,
like everything we once held.

Vacant Heart Motel

For the eternal lost and lonely......
Theres a lot of things I want to say, a lot of things i want to change, but tearing my heart out will never open your eyes. So whats the point of dying here, leaving a trailof broken hearts and crimson tears? I'll push on in hopes of better times and a better place where I know I can be myself, where people's faces won't fade like the feeling in my heart. So please, please, find yourself before its too late, there's only so much time to find a love worth dying for. This beat is slowly fading, but hearts connect to hearts keeping love burning bright. Cursed for eternity, I've thrown it all away, burnt the bridge to your eyes, and all I'm left with is ghost and memories that fill this vacant heart like a cheap motel. They come and go leaving only stale air and regrets. I hope your heart is wide open because it invites so much. Know that I will always search for the path that leads to the love you give. I'm eternally lost and lonely, no matter what I do, I can never escape the smiles and tears that only you can bring. Reconnect this heart to heart. Let me leave this vacant heart motel, no more ghosts and fading dreams, just the one way street, the one worth dying for.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

the brothers grimm

Hey all, go to is where my three brothers and I who have a span of 20 years between us rant about politics, religion, and a lot of crap that grinds our gears....we have the crazy liberal, the ultra conservative neo-hawk, and two scared moderate pups......or so it seems....catch the hysteria as it unfolds......
I Smoke Rocks

New blogger frogger member

What up all?! I hope you are all in good health and spirit. As the world goes on for more and spins its way into oblivion, I though i would create a site for everyone. I am a 24 year old College grad out here in the Bay Urea just trying to get by. Trying to get a job, start life in the real world in one of the most expensive places in the US is rediculous, but thats why I have my guitar, loud ass metal, strungout, lifting weights, tattoos, my ipod (more like a growth now on my body) a pen, BB guns, and my skate. This site will be host to a lot of my rants, (what I like to call poetry) and links to other rad and kick in the pants sites. Feel free to post whatever comments you like, I have no problem responding to even the harshest criticism. The world should be about freedom so lets at least have cyberfreedom....well i guess GW and the patriot act have a little say in this, but freedom's not "ideal" right? Right!!!!