Friday, October 14, 2005

I lost myself, trying to find myself.

There is something I wish we could see,
something I wish we could feel,
but time and space seem to elude you and I.
We're all caught up in this race with
no end in sight...nothing but 1,000 footsteps
marching toward a burning horizon.
Filled with promises laced with averice,
we're led astray, led to fall, led to forget,
that even the worst pain is still feeling.
So let go tonight,
awake to the flourescent,
the masses, the unholy,
surrounding you.
Like fallen angels we're all stuck here,
prayin' for some place better,
cause right now all we know are the neon creatures,
that never sleep.
butane and cigarette exhaust,
A city full of runaways, "NEVER LOOK BACK"
tattooed across the face, just swayin' in the wind.
But with clipped wings and heavy hearts,
its hard to get up and out.
So lets go tonight,
awake to the sound,
the beating that lets you know
you're still alive.
We won' forget, no never forget,
how we came to find us here,
cause we all have our reasons for
losing ourselves.
For we have spent a 1,000 lifetimes in the shadows,
broken bottles and hearts litter the landscape,
of all these hearts and minds.
our time is now to ensure tomorrow,
it wont turn its back,
like everything we once held.


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